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How to Buy Sweatcoin

Due to a huge increase in demand for Sweatcoins, we’re only selling limited quantities. Use the form below, make a payment, and you’ll receive your coins in less than 24 hours!

  • Use the form below to place a Buy order of Sweatcoin. Your coins will be delivered to you within 24 hours (most likely within a few hours).

  • Double-check this!!! Find your username here: (Link opens in new window.)
  • Due to increased demand we've had to limit orders to 100. However you can order multiple groups of 100 at the same time using the selector below.
  • How many stacks of 100 Sweatcoins do you want? You get 3% bonus coins per stack you order. (From 3% to 15%.)
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    Once you submit, you'll arrive to a PayPal page. You must submit payment, and then we'll deliver your coins in 8-24 hours (during Pacific Time Zone waking hours).

    After you click SUBMIT, a new PayPal window will open. If you want to pay in another method (crypto or credit card, etc), please include this in order notes and I'll respond.

Why Buy Sweatcoin?

Because Sweatcoin is such a new digital currency, many users (including me, this website’s author) believe it will hold tremendous value in the future. Buying Sweatcoin while the price is still low ensures that you have a large cache if/when this coin becomes worth a lot more, or when there are more favorable Offers available on the Marketplace.

What do I do with Sweatcoins?

As the app grows, you’ll be able to do more and more with your Sweatcoins. Right now I recommend saving them. That’s because they just made a huge announcement that says you can buy and sell coins on an official exchange. This will likely happen in the next year or two. So many people are stockpiling their coins hoping for them to be worth a lot.

You can also use Sweatcoins in the Offers Marketplace. Cash out on free/discounted fitness and health related gifts! If you want to invest in Sweatcoin keep reading.

Investing in Sweatcoin: What You Need To Know

Any investment possesses a risk. Sweatcoin is not guaranteed to be successful. Therefore, buying/investing in Sweatcoin should be considered a form of entertainment. As the saying goes, “Don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose.” With that said, I recommend holding on to a little bit of coins (a few thousand or less) in hopes of the future. Or if you think Sweatcoin will take off when they release the official exchange/blockchain, then you might want to grab as many as you can!

Selling Your Coins?

At this time we aren’t offering money for Sweatcoins. We’ll update this notice when we start buying coins again. If you want to sell Sweatcoins you may be able to find someone in our Discord channel