Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re new to Sweatcoin, you can browse the common questions below. You can also read our comprehensive Sweatcoin Fitness App Overview to learn the basics.

I’ll be adding more FAQ entries as time passes! Last update was:

About me, a Sweatcoin-lover and runner from California

I’ve been a Sweatcoin app user for about a year. I collect coins using the app, and I spend them on offers. It’s as simple as that. Each offer is unique, and in some of these guides I go through what to look for in an offer. If you have a technical question about the app, use the email below to get in contact with the official Sweatcoin team. I’m not affiliated with Sweatcoin in any way, just a Sweatcoin fan from California. If you want to learn more about me, you can read more here!

NOTE: If you have a technical issue with the app, please send an email to I am not affiliated with Sweatcoin in any way and cannot answer support requests.