Sweatcoin Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to Sweatcoin, you can browse the common questions below. You can also read our comprehensive Sweatcoin Fitness App Overview to learn the basics. Or click here to join other Sweatcoiners on Discord!

I’ll be adding more FAQ entries as time passes! Last update was:

About me, a Sweatcoin-lover and runner from California

I’ve been a Sweatcoin app user for about a year. I collect coins using the app, and I spend them on offers. It’s as simple as that. Each offer is unique, and in some of these guides I go through what to look for in an offer. If you have a technical question about the app, use the email below to get in contact with the official Sweatcoin team. I’m not affiliated with Sweatcoin in any way, just a Sweatcoin fan from California. If you want to learn more about me, you can read more here!

Is this app worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely yes! I’d recommend downloading the app and keeping it open in the background. Because it doesn’t require much fussing around with, there’s very few reasons not to use it to collect free coins. Even if you don’t walk or run very often, you’ll be surprised how many coins you earn on ‘auto-pilot’ throughout the day. One of my friends forgot that the app was open on her phone and she got 100 coins which she used to buy discounted sunglasses for half-off on the offer marketplace. (She saved about $75 doing so.) That’s the exact reason why I recommend Sweatcoin – you’ll never know when they’ll come in handy.

But … the real question: Can you make money with the app?

We write about this question in-depth on our website (search our FAQ using the box at the top of this page). It’s a difficult question to answer directly because there is no straightforward way to earn money with Sweatcoins currently unless you sell them on an unofficial exchange (see our Discord server for more information). In the past there have been Amazon Gift Card and PayPal Offers, but those typically sell out very fast. So you’ll want to check back often.

The way I explain it to my friends: If you use Sweatcoins to get a massive discount on something you would have purchased anyway, then I consider that as valuable as “making money” with the coins. I bought a “Try The World” gift box that I used as a housewarming gift for a friend. The box was free except for $7 shipping, and it was worth $40. So I saved $40 by paying only a few dozen Sweatcoins. Again, to me that’s the equivalent of making free money.

The Future of Sweatcoin

They have announced many times that they are working on a Blockchain for the coin. We don’t currently know what that will look like, but what I can tell you – it will bring a lot of attention to the app. The cryptocurrency marketplace is absolutely booming right now, and any new coin that comes out brings attention. So when that hits, we’ll see a massive spike in downloads for this app. There will be an increased demand for the coin, and it’s very likely the value of each Sweatcoin on the unofficial exchange will increase.

Will they create an official exchange? Not sure. The best way to earn money directly is to promote the app. For every person who uses your referral link, you get 5 Sweatcoins and 1 referral point. You can use Referral Points to exchange offers in the Influencer Marketplace – at the time of writing this, you get approximately $1 USD in PayPal for every 1 referral. That’s huge! If you have a website or social media platform with lots of users, you might profit by inviting your followers!

NOTE: If you have a technical issue with the app, please send an email to info@sweatco.in. I am not affiliated with Sweatcoin in any way and cannot answer support requests.

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